Privacy Policy

Three Strand Productions (DBA, We Speak) owns and operates the social media platform, “We Speak.” The Company is registered and licensed at the Secretary of State’s office inside the State of Washington (604385028). We Speak become installed, in element, in reaction to the privacy problems you examine or hear approximately every day, with regard to different social media structures. So lots of us have come to rely on them for now not simplest connecting with buddies and own family, however also as the source of our each day news, opinion portions, and other data that turned into as soon as generally delivered to us with the aid of newspapers, magazines, radio, and television. Three Strand Productions (We Speak) is dedicated to developing and keeping a stage of admire and honor in your privateness that we have been appalled to peer inside the decline across the internet. We wish to elevate that bar, and with integrity, create a platform that places the humans first, now not the promoting cost in their records. Respecting and honoring your privateness starts offevolved with imparting you (the consumer) a clear assertion regarding the forms of facts We Speak collects as a part of our interplay with you. All information accrued has a reason, and we intend to use it cautiously and with our customers satisfactory interest in thoughts: First, We Speak is primarily based on the form of proprietary platform without which no social media outlet can perform. A platform is a software program tool used to write programs and run them. The platform includes software program tools, compilers, elegance libraries, utilities, and the whole thing else had to expand the programs important to provide our service, in addition to a runtime engine for executing the programs. Virtually nothing on the net can exist without the usage of a platform similar to ours. We Speak, and each different social media platform in lifestyles is predicated on records gathered as you make use of our web page to best-tune our platform to make sure we offer the great platform inside the world for your use. If we did now not acquire that facts, the website online could turn out to be vain to you in a count number of weeks. We acquire and track records to enhance our web site; we do now not collect or track statistics for the reason of selling that facts, we're nearly specific in that recognize; as you’ve examine in the information, many if no longer maximum social media websites earnings substantially via the selling of your statistics. We collect your statistics to hold you secure, to carry to you what you need to see and enjoy. We placed community first and work tough to try to instill that into the whole thing we make. If for any motive, our coverage regarding the sale of facts have to trade because of either regulatory or operational needs, you will be knowledgeable of the trade. You will be given the choice to opt-from your participation inside the We Speak community. The handiest exception to our notification protocol might be a legally added request from law enforcement requiring us to turn over information as a depend of regulation, different lawfully binding legal actions, or a nicely prepared and added warrant. Conditions main to a notification of a probable exchange inside the We Speak privacy coverage might consist of: A coverage change with the aid of We Speak; The buy of both the company or the platform; A merger with some other enterprise; Upgrades and updates to the We Speak platform; Other actions impacting the interaction between We Speak and its users. Second, robust protection of your privacy starts with YOU. Nothing every body has ever published to a social media outlet on the net is ever clearly non-public. If it is able to be visible on a display screen, it can be copied, the usage of 3 or four keystrokes, and used for the purposes, for better or worse, of whoever took the screenshot. Remember, there is nothing you put on the net, even though humans say it's going to disappear, that could’t be captured and saved. To be secure, refrain from putting whatever obtainable you would no longer need to face behind at a later date. To repeat, don’t put embarrassing things at the net! They will continually find a way returned to you. Your content as posted on We Speak is in your use, and/or the way you percentage content is up to you; it’s your responsibility to decide how to percentage that content. DEFINITIONS: “We,” “The Platform,” “Us,” in communications regarding We Speak, all seek advice from the folks who personal and function We Speak and the We Speak platform; “Third Party,” or parties refers to anyone, no longer part of the We Speak group or any platform now not managed and operated through We Speak; “Cookies,” are a software program tool placed on a domain so that a website can recall some thing approximately you at a destiny time; “Third-celebration Cookies,” are cookies positioned on a consumer’s tough disk through a Web site domain aside from the website the consumer is at once traveling; “Warrant or Warrants,” are prison files legally issued by a court docket or authorities legitimate authorizing the police, or a few other frame, to make an arrest, search premises, or carry out some different movement referring to the management of justice; “Platform or Platforms” are software program gear used to put in writing packages and run them. The platform consists of software gear, compilers, elegance libraries, utilities, and the whole lot else had to broaden the programs important to offer our service, as well as a runtime engine for executing the applications. We Speak encourages person enter regarding our privateness regulations, phrases of use, or other subjects.