About We Speak
We Speak is conservative, family friendly social media platform with no censorship. Your private groups are private your information is never sold.

We Speak louder when We Speak together is the idea behind this platform. There are many social media platforms out there, but none that provide the kinds of services we provide, or start with the moral framework we start with. We strive to help you express yourself, not only by allowing you to openly speak your mind in a non-intimidating space but to help you become more informed by providing information from real, vetted sources. Your information is safe here, and we do not collect data with the intent of selling. We will not censor content from conservative thinkers or block the flow of information. Here we will protect your right to speak the truth, even if it bothers people unable to handle the truth. Our platform has new opportunities to assist you in expanding your horizons coming online every month for the next eight months, and we will continue to improve our service after that. New opportunities include our two-way translation engine allowing you to communicate with people who communicate using a different language than yours, and a simple meme maker. We strive to be the best, most family safe platform in the world, with our long-term plans of having the first search engine system where you can be guaranteed you will not find porn. We will be putting 20% of all advertising revenue into helping people. Ten percent of our revenue will go into scholarship programs to help people attend conservative or Christian schools and colleges. An additional ten percent will go to mission work with a focus on helping people in need in our communities.