Members Bill of Rights

Member Bill of Rights We at Wespeak believe in the freedoms of speech, assembly, and worship. That is why this platform was created to protect those rights in a safe family environment that values honesty, respectfulness, and good character. 1. At Wespeak, you will never have your information sold to an outside entity. Your information is private and will only be used on this platform as you permit it to be used. 2. You will always have the right to face your accuser. If you have a report turned in about your activity or post, you will have the right not only to see what was turned in, but you can see the member that turned it in as well. This will give you the ability to fix something if it requires fixing and to find anyone that is just being a problem so you can remove them from your group or page. 3. If any member is harassing you personally or on private message, by way of threat of an action, violence, or wrongful slander, after you have asked them to stop, then admin will step in. Hate speech designed to cause personal harm, violence, or damage is not covered under our free speech and will not be allowed on this platform. 4. If, for any reason, admin should remove a post put up by any member, because of terms of condition violations or because of the four basic guidelines, the member will have the right to communicate with admin and state their case. If this is proven to fall within the terms of use and the four main guidelines, the post will be put back up. 5. You have the freedom to post, comment, share anything you want in your private groups or pages, unless the information is breaking any laws, or participating in acts of terrorism. Terrorism is the use of fear and acts of violence with the purpose to intimidate societies, governments, or against an ideology. ... Common definitions of terrorism refer to violent acts that are intended to create fear (terror). They may be done for a religious, political, or ideological goal, and uses illegal violence. In the case of such things, you may not have the ability to face your accuser and may have your account frozen or deleted. No information that qualifies in this area is deemed private, and at any time, Wespeak may turn this over to the authorities.