An Analysis of Colossians 1:1-14

As a student at New Hope Christian College, we are able to learn how to dissect the books of the Bible—allowing us to better our understanding both spiritually and practically. Being able to dive deeper grants us the ability to fully understand the context of the situation, giving us a deeper appreciation for the characters within the Bible and increasing our faith. I am so grateful to share all that I am learning through


Below is an analysis of the beginning of the book of Colossians, that will hopefully not only make them more relatable to you and me, but also help you realize how the Bible is still applicable to us today!



  1. Introduction (Colossians 1:1-2) Paul and Timothy are addressing the people of Colossae.
  2. Withstanding Faith (Colossians 1:3-8) Paul is delighted in the faithfulness of the audience, praying for them as the gospel continues to be spread throughout the world.
  3. A Worthy Life (Colossians 1:9-11) Paul tells the audience of his constant act of praying for them, so that they may continue in living a life that is worthy and pleasing to God.
  4. The Reason Why (Colossians 1:12-14) Paul encourages the audience to give a joyful thanks to God through the way they live, as it is because of God who has brought them into redemption and forgave their sins, that has allowed them to be a part of the inheritance of God’s people.



Because of the Colossians' faith to God, which was acted out in the way they lived their lives—the gospel began to spread worldwide.



The Holy Spirit, through Paul’s writing, is encouraging the people of Colossae to continue in their faith to God as it is affecting people worldwide positively—spreading the gospel around the world.



When you live your life because of Christ, your life is shaped to reflect Christ.


As you embark on your own journey of deeper analysis of the book of Colossians, my hope is that you are encouraged by the way the Colossians lived—a way of life that was heard about by Paul who was all the way in prison at the time. It was because of their choice to live lives that were filled with such faith and love, that ultimately helped spread the Gospel throughout the WORLD! 


My hope is that through this, others are encourage to dive deeper in their understanding of the Bible—increasing their faith as they relate to the characters. I cannot wait to not see what others are learning through their own deeper anaylsis on!