How to Select the Right Tone and Language for Essays 2021 Guide

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Language and tone is really important in academic essays, articles and other assignments.


It is different than casual language and sounds more formal than it.


Many students do not understand the difference between academic and overly formal language and end up sounding someone who does not know that he is talking about.


But, learning to use appropriate language for academic purposes will help you in many coming endeavors also with essay writing service.


Below are some common mistakes that students make when writing their essays. These mistakes could be avoided by knowing the right tone and type of language that we will explain further.


Personal Pronouns: Many students use personal pronouns like ‘I’, ‘you’, ‘we’ etc. in their essays, which is wrong. Essays are and should be impersonal and based on facts and universal information. You are writing the essay for your audience and since you do not know who will read your essay, you should avoid adding any personal touch into it.


Instead of ‘I’ or ‘we’, use phrases like ‘this essay’, ‘the government’ etc. These are impersonal and do not present your personal views and thus, it will not evoke your reader.


Abbreviations: Using short forms is a taboo in academic writing. You can use these in casual writing but not for your essays and other assignments. The short forms like ‘don’t’, ‘couldn't’, ‘wouldn't’, ‘isn’t’, ‘wasn't’ etc will be used in its full and proper form. Full forms sound and look more polished and formal then its short forms.


Overly Formal Language and Tone: Though academic tone is formal and unlike casual tone and language, it does not mean that you should go crazy over it. You are a student and your teacher does not want you to sound as an accomplished academician. She just wants to see how well you have worked on your assignment.


Use academic but easy to understand and clear language. Complex, words, language and tone will not get you anywhere.


Colloquial Language: Not using excessively formal language does not mean that you should use informal language and phrases in your essay. These colloquial phrases and words are common when we speak to someone but is not acceptable in writing. These are a part of non-standard language and often, it does not have a literal meaning.


Exaggeration: Emphasizing your points with strong claims and evidence is one thing and stressing it unreasonably is an altogether different thing.


Sometimes, to highlight the importance of a matter, students repeat the same point over and over again. As a result, it loses its essence and becomes mere words.


Avoid it by adding solid facts and ideas to put your argument forward.

Remember these points and you will make less mistakes in college essay writing service 


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