The Power and Importance of Freedom of Speech

In the new America that we find ourselves living in we need to take care to guard Freedom of Speech like it is our only child. The evil power of the left seeks to destroy it and platforms like are standing in the way. We Speak was built to promote and protect Freedom of Speech and we work with other platforms and groups to do the same. Just like this one you are on we need to work as one to defend what we hold dear before it's gone.

In the last few months never before has the government so openly gone after the American Patriot. For this reason, you need to stand with and others like the My pillow corporation, the NRA, Pureflix, and others that stand the line between good and evil.

That is why you find real and honest news on, that is why you find people like America’s Sheriff David Clarke doing interviews on Because at we defend the people and their right to Freedom of Speech.

Ray Gilbride