One of the best things about Wespeak.com is the invite your friends tools. Wespeak.com has three ways to do this,

  1. The email your friend on the right side of the feed. This sendcan email to the friends you want.
  2. The invite tool on the top menu. This one sends a social media invitation.
  3. The invite group, this one you start a group on wespeak.com and from inside that group you place an invite inside your group on Facebook. Every person that answers and hits ok, has an account opened up on Wespeak.com and is put in your group. It's that easy to move a full group to wespeak.com 

Wespeak.com is a very easy to use platforms, its fast and puts the needs of the members first.

Wespeak.com is constantly improving the platform to better serve the members that use wespeak.com