How ISO 14001 can improve recycling performance

If you are familiar with ISO 14001 Certification in Kuwait, then you will know that when the requirements of the standard are implemented correctly in the environmental management system (EMS). The risk of environmental impact and the amount of wastage of reduce. One place ISO 14001:2015 differ from ISO 14001:2004 however is one of the requirement to consider activities that the contribute to the prevention of pollution, when “recycling” is specifically mentioned. Therefore, become an obvious, particularly in certain industries how effective recycling can play a big part in truly meeting environmental and legislative requirements.

Why is recycling important? 

ISO 14001 Service in Malaysia, it is stated that some organizations environmental policy should include a commitment to the prevention of pollution as well as a requirement to meet compline obligation you can read more about relevant content. How detailed should the EMS be? The important of recycling effective remained constant. That the scenarios and the implications if recycling was not carried out effectively.

For example:

A television manufacturing has a take back scheme but instead of effective recycling EMS, the parts are disassembled and some are illegally sent to the landfill. A personal computer manufacturing takes back a large percentage of unit sold but cuts corner and a sell percentage of return to scrap dealer with no known of the destination or outcomes of these potential.

what to note to ISO 14001 help your recycling process? 

ISO 14001 provides an Environmental management system a structured approach to handling waste. There serval clauses of the standard that can help to point your organization towards ensuring your recycling process, is effective.

Section 5.2: Leadership

These is organizational leaders are responsible for the performance of the Environmental Management System. Therefore, it is vital that a statement of pollution prevention exists in the environmental policy. It is important that the top management ensures that all details known as and that the company recycling, whether done in house or subcontractors is done correctly. How to demonstrate leadership according to ISO 14001 Consultant in Italy, can help you learn more about these clauses.

Section 6: planning

There are several sub section of clauses 6 that are relevant information is effective recycling should be part of organization compliance obligation and a part of your planning to achieve environmental objectives, is one of which could be 100% recycling products returns. It is may also be prudent highlight your recycling process an environmental aspect. The subject of an annual risk assessment to ensure that you take the time to review, and improve recycling process.

ISO 14001 Certification Service in Mumbai is that environmental objectives, it seems you have several options here, it is wise to bear in mind that technologies and legislation change constantly and you need to ensure that your recycling methods are review regularly.

Section 10: improvement

As mentioned previously constant review and action that the most effective way that ensure continual improvement in your Environmental Management System (EMS) and similar review of recycling process can ensure that the meet stakeholders need, complies with the legislation and continually evolves and improve. You can learn more on the topic in that the article how to achieve continual improvement according to ISO 14001 standard.

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