Despite this marketplace, the trading of RuneScape commodities

Despite this marketplace, the trading of RuneScape commodities is contrary to the terms and conditions of OSRS gold the sport. It is a problem that Jagex, the creator of RuneScape, has been working to address for any number of decades. In 2013 Mark Gerhard said that 40-50percent of RuneScape's active RuneScape player base in any particular month was buying gold. Jagex will ban any RuneScape players that it supposes are breaking the rules, but that's a risk that many Venezuelan RuneScape gamers are eager to take. Many gold farmers have their most important accounts, in which they perform legally multiple accounts, and farming accounts, essentially'burner' accounts, they use only for making money.

With a large demand for farming, many RuneScape players outside Venezuela believe certain areas of RuneScape are governed by it. RuneScape's economy is exactly like any other market -- it's greatly influenced by the economics of scarcity, and the expanding number of folks farming gold and items in RuneScape is impacting prices for a variety of unique products. The level of this impact became apparent once the catastrophe in Venezuela escalated to a new level early last year.

The way the economic crisis in Venezuela caused an economic meltdown in RuneScape

In March 2019, the power network of Venezuela collapsed along with the entire nation was hit by a quick succession of blackouts, leaving millions without water or electricity. Hospitals were a few of the places. The problems are still impacting people now, and some believe they will continue long into the future, until the problem with the government is solved.

"[People] can not get therapy like dialysis and the hospitals' conditions are insanely bad to the point that it is a hazard issue," Martinez adds. The power cuts have become a major problem for Venezuelan RuneScape players who rely on RuneScape as their main source of revenue. For Martinez, the power cuts were why he moved away from traditional gold farming approaches to train accounts for U.S. dollars, because of sudden disconnection during battle could result in the passing of his character and the reduction of earnings. "When the first wave of blackouts began me and the men that worked with buy RS gold me lost almost all of our business," Martinez says.