Reasons to Love Windows Rugged Tablet


If you’re looking to use tablets in your operations and require devices that can stand up to harsh environments, Rugged Tablet are the category to consider. For full desktop applications, ease of maintenance and speedy deployment, rugged tablets running Windows 10 are a great way to stay ahead of the curve. Here’s 5 reasons why AbeTech clients love Windows 10 on their rugged tablets.

1. Full desktop versions of all your applications

Since Windows 10 for rugged tablets is a full-fledged version of Windows, you are able to use full functionality of enterprise grade software and business applications.

Whether it’s Microsoft Office, your Warehouse Management System or other business applications, no extra training is required for your workers. Plus, they won’t be held back by the reduced capability of mobile versions of your most-used apps.

2. Windows 10 tablet mode

Windows 10 was designed with tablets in mind. When you remove your tablet from your charger or dock, it can be set to automatically switch to “tablet mode.” “Tablet mode” is essentially a full screen Start menu with tiles (large icons) for whichever apps you choose to display.

You get quick access to your most used apps and tiles are especially helpful when wearing gloves or operating the Rugged Windows Tablet from a forklift/vehicle mount, as the large icons are easier to press.