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After evaluating all 61 starting quarterbacks for the 2021 NFL season, Gregg Rosenthal has released his rankings. In the rankings, he ranked each quarterback from 1 to 62 in order of their overall ability. Aaron Rodgers was the clear No. 1, followed by Joe Burrow and Josh McCown. The two other quarterbacks on the list were Sam Darnold and Kyler Murray.

In the ranking, we looked at the starting quarterbacks from each team. We ranked rookies as high as possible, with three of them being rookies. The two teams that won the Super Bowl had two quarterbacks in the top five. The runner-up in this list was the Bengals' Joe Burrow, who finished the season with an average of 6.2 starts. However, Burrow was benched for most of the season, and he has yet to play a single game in his career. 8Xnow has more to explain

The average start is the guiding principle here. While we may be surprised by the result of this exercise, it is clear that Darnold is underrated compared to backups Trevor Siemian and Josh McCown. In addition to that, Darnold's struggles with reads and pressure have grown worse as a pro. While he has a lot of potential in the NFL, he will need a few more years to prove his worth.

In the rankings, Darnold was ranked 62nd. He was behind rookies like Trevor Siemian and the backups. Despite being a rookie, Darnold's struggles have become even worse. With more experience, Darnold is more likely to be a backup than a starter. It is worth considering that the future of the NFL is unpredictable and that the top quarterback may be a young phenom or MVP candidate.

Of course, the 2021 NFL season will feature three rookies. But there will also be nine quarterbacks making their debuts. And in that case, Darnold will be the 62nd starting QB in the 2021 NFL season. So, he has a lot of work ahead of him in the future. Aside from that, he has to be a more consistent starter.

In the ranking of all 62 starting quarterbacks for the 2021 NFL season, there will be nine rookies, and seven quarterbacks who will be making their first appearances in the league. Of these rookies, Matthew Stafford is the top pick, while Joe Burrow is the bottom-ranked player, a rookie with zero experience. If you were to look at the 62 players in the future, you will find that there are several young phenoms and a few MVP candidates.

In terms of average start, we've ranked all 62 starting quarterbacks of the 2021 NFL season. For example, Darnold's average start in the year ranked 62nd in the ranking, while his average number of games started is only tenth-ranked. The rookie is below the backups like Trevor Siemian. Nevertheless, he's a very talented quarterback.

This year's NFL season will feature nine rookie quarterbacks and three starters. Of the nine quarterbacks, eight were MVP candidates, while six were not. But in this year, the NFL will have three rookies and nine starting QBs on the same team. In addition, the first five quarterback to be ranked is Matt Ryan. In 2021, the rankings will include Tom Brady, Joe Burrow and Carson Wentz.

We have also considered the injuries that affected the 2021 NFL season. We rank the starting quarterbacks according to their average start. A quarterback's average start is a key indicator of his ability to withstand pressure and read the game. The quarterback's overall rating reflects the team's overall strength and weaknesses. The player's performance in each game is based on his ability to deal with pressure and the quality of his reads. Visit our website