In a week full of fake news, the Fake News of the Week comes from a unique spot--in the form of an Op-Ed by a person who calls himself a Republican attacking all Republicans who do not agree with him.

Mike Vaska is the leader of a group called the Mainstream "Republicans" of Washington--akd the Vichy GOP. He ran for Attorney General and received 8.22% of the vote.

He is the type of "Republican" that the Seattle Times loves because Vaska and his group make their money by attacking Republicans who do not agree with their narrow ideology.

Vaska promotes the smallest of small tents philosophy and to the joy of the Seattle Times calls Republicans who are not woke enough to be in his tent "extremists".

This is the type of division the Vichy Mainstream GOP has been promoting since their creation.

It is not helpful and has resulted in an endless line Democratic Governors and Democratic US Senators since this group became active.

The ruling Democrats and their supporters in the media like nothing more than watching minority party fight for the scraps that they let fall from the table.

So how do we move forward to bring some form of balance to Washington state? The people of the State still vote no on enrgy tax increases (that were supported by the Vichy GOP Club of Vaska), they voted no to racial quotas (which were supported by the Vichy GOP Club Vaska runs) and the people have historically voted for $30 tabs (again and not surprisingly Vaska and his gorup opposed $30 tabs--shocking how even got 8% in his campaign for AG).

We can move forward by working together, focusing on items that unite the state, and end this stupid name calling within the the more right leaning groups.

The headline of the story is listed below but no link because I do not want to link to the ST. The story is hidden behind a pay wall. I do not pay for ST subscription because I will not support an anti-American publication.