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We are entering a very dangerous time in America.

People have been asking me why I believe this.

There are fascist groups who have become very influential in the Democratic Party.

These groups are calling for those who do not agree with them to be punished, to have their rights taken away and to be removed from public offices they hold.

There are also powerful Democrats who have called for conservatives to be purged or sent to re-education camps.

They are working to deny employment or other opportunities to those who hold different views. Sen. Patty Murrey of Washington State has called for Republican Senators to be punished and/or removed from office.

Washington State Democratic Party Chair has called for the "eradication" of conservatives from the face of the earth.

Members of the media are calling for those who disagree with them to be purged. That is a Communist China or Soviet Union tactic.

John Brennan, former Obama era CIA director and current communist, is calling for, and I quote "Total denunciation of Trump's legacy is necessary to eradicate any remaining malignancy."

This list of threats could go on. These people now control America.

These are the words and tactics that fascists, totalitarians, dictators, and communists use.

Here in Whatcom County a very powerful socialist/communist group that controls much of the local Democratic Party states that and I quote that I must agree with their views "before I am ALLOWED to continue serving in my public office."

Now in Washington, Democrats are advancing the most radical political agenda in our state's history under the cloak of Covid darkness.

These are some of the reasons why I say we are entering a dangerous time.


Washington lawmaker proposes legislation to prohibit COVID-19 vaccine 'discrimination' |

Washington lawmaker proposes legislation to prohibit COVID-19 vaccine 'discrimination' |

Sen. Doug Ericksen, R-Ferndale, is proposing legislation that would prohibit discrimination against people who choose not to get the coronavirus vaccine.

Ericksen bill would protect individual rights amid rush to vaccinate - Doug Ericksen

Ericksen bill would protect individual rights amid rush to vaccinate - Doug Ericksen

Bill would prohibit discrimination based on COVID vaccination status Would block vaccination requirements for employment, school, travel, entry to public places Leaves decision a matter of personal choice Legislation isn’t pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine

From a message earlier today:
"There are major problems in the voting system in WA. For example, the dept of Licensing was automatically registering non citizens to vote. we do not know how many and due to our system it is almost impossible to find out. In WA it is very easy to register to vote if you are not a citizen, but again we do not know how many. We know that wide spread ballot harvesting happens, signatures are faked, and we "know" that we "do not know" who actually voted a the ballot that is mailed in. We know that people were given money for their ballots. We know that some people moved their voter registration after the primary election to "swing districts" to try to defeat Republicans, but we do not know how many. The current system is full of holes. I do not know if the voter tabulation software was compromised. In Washington we do have a paper trail. I think there was mass fraud in WI, MI, PA, GA, AZ and maybe VA. The question is what do we do about it and what is the remedy for the Presidential election? The courts have said that they do not want to touch this issue."

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